#1 Realtor Growth Plan In The Nation!
  • Help you to create, keep and grow more Realtor relationships for more closed loans, month after month, year after year!
  • Coaching and consulting on how to use Agent Mastermind to build true business relationships with Realtors instead of “Your Only as good as your last loan” 
  • Coaching and consulting on how to use Agent Mastermind to replace the 20% of your agents that are causing you 80% of your headaches
  • ​Coaching and consulting on how to use Agent Mastermind in social media to connect, engage and interact with new agents, current agents and past database for more referrals 
  • ​Coaching, consulting and help to overcome the most common objections when calling or meeting with agents
  • ​Coaching, consulting and help implementing the C.A.R.E model “Creating A Referable Experience” for even more referrals from 
  • ​Coaching and consulting on how to help your agents implement the C.A.R.E model while holding them accountable to a certain number of referrals for every 10 closings (we average 3-4 for every 10)
  • ​Coaching and consulting on “Leveling the seesaw” for more Realtor opportunities, deeper relationships and more referrals 
  • ​Coaching consulting on how to use Agent Mastermind classes for your own live events by yourself or with sponsors like title companies, CPA’s, Financial planners, home inspectors and Insurance agents
  • ​Coaching on types of pitches and scripts that would be appealing to new and current agent relationships 
  • ​Help you build a list of agents in your local area using LinkedIn “Automatically”
  • Help you to have on average, 4.5 new agents a week emailing you open and willing to have a serious conversation about working together on automation
  • ​Help to make the call a little warmer from the start using Agent Mastermind and your new LinkedIn connections
  • ​Help you speed up the number of Realtor opportunities, conversations and face to face appointments you are having on a monthly basis
  • ​Help you to realize, you are worthy, and you can build Realtor relationships with top producing agents on a regular basis
  • ​Help you so that you don’t have to worry or depend on 3-5 agents for your success. “2.4 new agent partners per month”
  • ​Help to replace the 20% of the agents that are causing you 80% of your headaches
  • ​Help to double and even triple the number of agents you have sending you business on a regular basis (Continued growth)
  • ​Get you an average of 300 new realtor connections on LinkedIn per month (Money is in the list)
  • ​Get you approximately a 30% response rate (thru 4 email attempts) which is around 90 responses every month (Not All Positive)
  • ​Get you around a 20% Favorable Rate which = 4.5 new opportunities every week.  
  • 1-hour strategy session after signup
  • Weekly live group coaching and Q&A, Monday at 12:00 eastern
  • All group coaching calls recorded, available and password protected at www.loagentmastermind.com 
  • ​Private Facebook group for Loan Officers www.facebook.com/groups/loagentmastermind
  • ​Private Facebook group for your agents www.facebook.com/groups/AgentMastermind
  • ​Access and use of Agent Mastermind and all the classes
  • ​Last 20 class recordings to send to your agents if you wish or if they ask for them
  • ​Example: https://www.mlosuccess.com/example-replay
  • ​Weekly invites to copy, paste and send by email, post on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter or wherever you wish  
  • ​Example: https://www.mlosuccess.com/example-invite
  • ​Freedom to invite an unlimited number of agents to the classes
  • ​Freedom to attend the classes 
  • Freedom to swipe the classes and content, make them your own and do your own live events with local agents
  • ​50 requests to connect every day with Agents on LinkedIn, that's 1500 a month and it's done with automation for you as you!
  • ​Those that accept your connection request get an automated  “Thank you for connecting” (100% Automated) 
  • ​The system then automatically downloads their info from LinkedIn into your Google excel spreadsheet (100% Automated)
  • ​Within a day or 2 of being downloaded an email automatically goes out asking if they are open to a conversation (100% Automated)
  • ​Set of 4 emails that are sent out automatically on your behalf from you!
Visual Breakdown and Automation Using LinkedIn and Gmail!
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